Xiao x reader blush. You are the best thing that has happened to me”. ] —> Genshin Impact - [ Kazuha, Xiao, Albedo, Zhongli, Childe, Venti, Diluc, Chongyun, Bennett, Xingqiu, Razor, Keaya, Scaramouche, Dainsleif, Thoma x Reader ] —> Warnings - [ None, this is pure fluff. despite being confused, he actually respect you because all this time you haven’t break a rule. reader info: gender neutral pronouns (they/them) and pet names (dear/love) reader is not traveler. He laughed, steadying himself as he sat back onto his chair. it is not much — they may all say, but it means the world to him when he’s standing with you in the shrouded darkness of your parent’s garden, the carefully strung fairy . 98 notes. Zhongli x GN!reader . note: just wanted to see xiao’s reaction badly gi boys x gn! reader. “Follow me. M i s c h i e f. list 1 | m. self-aware genshin; being called a ‘good boy’ word count. xiao looked at her in bewilderment, a small blush on his face. 2 days ago · Jan 28, 2021 · Kissing and make out headcanons. You shuffled a little bit more closer to him. genre romance, fluff. I came across your tumblr recently and I wanted to say your works are really amazing and some inspires me to make my own, especially that xiao smau ehe. pairings: scaramouche x gn!reader x xiao (separate) warnings: marriage lul, some swearing. a/n: sorry this is super late <3. Wait, is that a light blush you see on his cheeks-You notice him fumbling over his sketchbook, trying to put away his art tools; . genre: diluc, tohma, kaeya, childe, and xiao x gn! reader fluff warnings: none summary: how the genshin boys wake you up, inspired by a line from “the invisible life of adie larue” by v. What is Yandere bully x reader forced lemon. You aren’t a gentleman at all!” Kaeya said drunkenly with a red tinted blush painting his face. word count: 698 words. Reader is gender neutral. Dong. xiao fluff xiao x reader genshin headcanons genshin impact x reader genshin impact. Xiao boasted. “I’ll be watching over you. Kaeya. your arms would wrap around his neck, and he lets a sigh emit from his lips every time. xreader, kokic This is about everyone in Remnant reading about the male reader they wronged. Kazuha can clearly hear the beating of her heart, which for some reason beats at an incredible speed. ft. Sleepyhead ! synopsis : 4nemo as your seatmate and catching you fall asleep in class :P. a/n: anon i am SO sorry this took so long to get out TT i haven’t found a good time to work on this or write in general, i hope you still see this (probably not im so sorry @_@) anyways this got SUPER lengthy literally the longest piece ive written but i enjoyed where it was going and got Have an amazing day too and stay safe! Thank you again for the request as I loved writing this :D. nothing. “Yes, she won’t apologize then I wouldn’t . It’s spring. genshin xiao genshin impact imagines genshin impact headcanons genshin impact x reader xiao x reader xiao headcanons a flower from ren. you couldn't help but feel so happy for her. summary: you woke up from a rough dream, but luckily, your lovely boyfriend was right there beside you. characters: albedo, ayato, childe, diluc, kaeya, kazuha, xiao, zhongli x gn!reader (separate) genre: fluff. . albedo. you were running away from wangshu inn, you even took the . You are always helping others, you try your best every day. “Aww, I’m sorry baby-”. A bimbo girlfriend. Ft. pairing gn!reader x kazuha, xiao. For hours. - Phantom. it’s only a matter of time before the divine creator descends. Kaeya being the flirt that he is, never truly understood how to separate attraction with romantic feelings, so he didn’t notice until later on; Would tease you more than he would to anyone else, just because he wanted you to talk to him, even if it was with anger (probably not the best idea) Sometimes she/he helps me catch up with this little bard who always doesn’t pay the bill. 09/27/21 ; thousand of flowers yet he would still pick you. genre: fluff, casual, crack. Atsugi, her one and only bully, would pick on her endlessly, whether it be physically or mentally. “This is cooked to perfection and made exactly how I like it. Nsfw Morning, Beloved ( Even though it was actually the original) chillpillchats . “Alright, alright. | xiao x reader ︎ . He said, leaning down again to kiss you gently on the forehead. Look at you, dragging the winery master around Teyvat to . pairing: xiao x adeptus!reader. The reader had a conversation with their sister/cousin which ends up to the reader promising they will bring their “bf” to the wedding but they don't have a bf. Kaeya avoiding your question just like in his story quest. when you gave it to xiao, he was unusually flustered, flushed pink to the tips of his ears. however, this proves to be wrong inside his instagram archives and deleted highlights where it was filled with . they worked together at a bank part-time. In that moment of silence, his hand slowly . Yoimiya fluff! Writer’s notes: Hi hello! I found 2 of my older Yoimiya fanfics and I felt that they were pretty cute, so I thought you’d guys would love to read them. (Y/n) went inside while an anxious Xiao stood at the door. wiggling your brows , . Trigger Warning: Stalking, Killing, Overly-Obsessive Xiao. # 1. word count: 1. He’ll listen, and he’ll do his absolute best to be there for you, make you feel loved and save. Half-lidded eyes held the same fervor from seconds ago but had now become unfocused and hazy, lost in some unidentifiable emotion. Type: headcanons. first time writing for the sagau! i made this pretty quickly just to try writing for it, apologies for When you’d finally perfected your Almond Tofu and felt brave enough to present it to Xiao, your concern quickly turned to glee as you spotted a brief, small smile on his face. e. It will most definitely be somewhere far away from prying ears, likely the roof of Wangshu Inn. content warning: yandere, possessiveness, mentions of drugging (good ‘ol albedo at it again), mentions of harmful surgical procedures, nonconsensual touches (kissing), just general weird albedo things. “Whatever those voices are telling you, they are lying. ” and then he catches you drooling on his shoulder. scenarios Kaeya x y/n Kaeya x reader Diluc x y/n Diluc x reader Chile x reader Childe x y/n Scaramouche x y/n Scaramouche x reader Xiao x y/n Xiao x reader. Kuroo goes to the shattered pieces that once held his last thing given to him by his mother and carefully picked them up. A concert of insects singing their ballads rang out like a blaring alarm. includes: sagau (post villain!au), god!reader. ─ genre ; fluff. synopsis you are a mere mortal and xiao is an adeptus, the guardian yaksha; so when he promises to meet you at the balcony of wangshu inn each year on the lantern rite and even promises to go with you next year, you’re overjoyed. ) is a muted, light-medium pink with warmer undertones and a matte finish. Philza would protect you from anyone. m. Xiao greets your boss. zhongli, childe, aether, xiao cw. 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: albedo’s is serious while xiao is a bit crack, not . The Lantern Rite—it’s a pretty neat event to come across once in a year in the region of Liyue. Xiao X Reader. His gaze soon landed on their wrist and, before they could try to hide it, he had grabbed it gently. warning: mentions of death, mentions of nightmares, mentions of trauma. putting the toothpaste back in the tube; faunus rwby fanfiction. that was all xiao could focus on amongst the heaping piles of, seemingly dead or unconscious, abyss mages and hilichurls. format: headcanons. like yae with a reader who has a hearing range of the whole of inazuma, ganyu with reader who controls the weather with their emotions and ei with reader who has nature related powers and is forced by society to be perfect because of it? xiao loves almond tofu, it’s his favorite thing (besides you of course but he’d never let that slip) so it’s not surprising that he would want you to try it considering how much food taste you have in common will be a factor in his surprise, if you two don’t like a lot of things that the other likes then it wouldn’t be as big of a . before laughing in an attempt to distract you from the blush on his cheeks and the things he just said. You don’t even need to ask him, he’ll just come along and do it with you. genshin impact genshin x reader zhongli x reader genshin zhongli genshin liyue genshin impact liyue totally not written from something that actually happened to me NARS Behave Powder Blush ($30. Like Sucrose, she can get very flustered. Jung turns to you with a bow. Two souls that were supposed to be separated for eternity. his fingers reach out to push you off of him, but he decides against it at the last minute. his ice pop intake always seems to quadruple when you’re with himhow weird 👀. Magic Lifesteal +10%. Your bangs became messy. cw : religious themes, cult themes, mostly just fluff so you should all be good to go . Scenarios for them will be created at a later date. longer. you really did reassure me, and i think it was something i needed. Beidou chuckled again. A blush started to rise in your cheeks, still in awe over the fact that you were talking to Beidou. and one day you ask him about the art hanging from the cafe and if he knew who the artist was. Y/n-your name, A/n: I wanted to write for Xiao since he’s been on my team for a few weeks now, and he interests me. “ You’re not, though. pairing: xiao x reader . and a light pink blush would always dust his cheeks when you slipped your hand in his gloved ones. He had a light blush dusting his pale cheeks and you could see the absolute death grip he was holding on a bouquet of beautiful, freshly-picked Qingxin flowers. hi hi! can i request yae miko, ganyu and ei (seperate) x reader with powers that seem more like curses than blessings . SAGAU! Joining your team<3. but when you arrive with a gift this year, he’s not The day went on as an ordinary one, which often made you sigh. You giggled and grabbed onto his hands, pulling them away from his face but his eyes were scrunched shut the second the light hit them, refusing to open to look at you. Wade smirked, leaning down to kiss you. You felt his hot breath tickle your nose, causing a warmth . fairly well with him ending it with a kiss on your cheek and a meek ‘i love you’ before he turns away with a huge blush spread across his face. Pain (Xiao x Sick!Reader) My friend recently got sick and I wanna make them feel better by making them some Xiao x Sick Reader fluff. You're like a different person. You blush at the sudden act, its not everyday your boyfriend is ever this kind. Gorou says and Kazuha, with realization dawning on his face, nods and lets you go with the general. "You know, I haven't met many other attractive blondes in my time. So the fact that he even agreed to get married with you would mean he loves you so so much. 475K 15. word count: 4,065 words (average of 388 words per character) diluc is fairly close with [name] because he is in her calculus class and always offers his notes to her. Sooo they asked Childe to pretend to be her bf to the wedding. Hinata’s breath hitched and he started to panic. On my anniversary (Y/N) brought me chess from her/him . The blush on his face burned a little more. megumi kinnies here i come !reblogs are appreciated <3. Oh what a feeling this was, and it was unique to him. Liyue: Xiao) Fem Best Friend Reader cuddling with Characters! (Xiao, Childe (Tartaglia), Scaramouche, Venti) Reader who Doesn’t know how to react to gifts (Monstadt: Diluc, Venti, Kaeya. Genshin x !Traveler!Reader. 💿 two slow dancers - mitski. inc: childe, xiao, scaramouche, diluc (separated) CHILDE. Lady Guizhong?” Your little face peeks around the shadowy corner of a stone pillar, into her peripheral vision. well maybe later. tags: fluff. Though visits were brief at first, you 1 day ago · More than 40556 downloads this month. Your comment deepened his blush further, and the little giggle you let out made his heart flutter. Thank you, [Name]. That’s not-”. ————————————-. XIAO! READER W/ DORM PREFECTS. biting, fluff, obsessive behavior, no thoughts just genshin men randomly biting you (except for Childe. a/n: hehe hi @sohyuki. that’s it. - Nagito Komaeda x Reader "This started as a Drabble, but here we are. Corporal Levi is staring at me . The texture was smooth to the touch but slightly thinner, and while it didn't darken too much when applied on bare skin, I would recommend applying it over more matte skin (as self-aware genshin; being called a ‘good boy’ word count. “t-thank you you’re pretty too”. If you call Xiao a pretty boy, he would blush and look away from you embarrassed. Synopsis: In which you meet Atsumu outside a manga store and you start having frequent encounters. genre fluff. xiao x reader genshin impact x reader genshin xiao genshin impact xiao zhongli guizhong ganyu xiao angst angst genshin angst. Sort by: best. The two looked at Xiao in surprised, though Venti ended up laughing and agreeing whilst m/n just had a blush on his face. pairing: idol!enhypen x idol!fem!reader. I don't care if he's a roommate, classmate, random guy you're 90% sure is actually homeless and/or in organized crime and has imprinted on you like a feral cat & brings you nice leaves and stones, coworker or whatever, I just need this. kazuha x reader genshin impact genshin x reader genshin kazuha kaedehara . But she will continue to blush. I'm already loving you. Yang x Male Reader (Lemon) chapter 1, a rwby fanfic male rivals x reader x Highschool DxD, Abused and Neglected MC x Rwby, and so on. CW: blood, injury, first kiss, My entry for @xiaosmoon’s Valentine’s Writing Collab! Prompt: February 14th, kissing you to interrupt you. All the Genshin boys. heinlein # — warnings: a little bit of fighting, injury # — tags: jealousy, hc/drabble format, fluff, a pinch of you’re someone new; or at least, to him. “I hate you. (╹ ╹). You could see the . You hugged him causing the poor boy to blush. Weekender Expedition The Waterbury Easy Reader Intelligent Quartz Camper Ironman 8 Lap Style Elevated The Fairfield Vintage Marlin Originals Modern Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Weekender Fairfield Chronograph. He didn’t know what he did to be honest, he didn’t know if it was good or . childe. “Ah! See, I got the colour in your cheeks!”. “Well then, let’s go?” M/n said as . The Fatui members focused on their harbinger, giving Scaramouche full attention. a moan left your lips which darken his blush, lust was seen in his eyes. " Leona x Reader - Wild Heart. 425 notes Nov 18th, 2021 . TO THE MOON - (rwby) yang xiao long x reader. No memories to define you and no home to return. confused. as always, anons open for requests, enjoy! part 1 | part 2. genshin characters at a basketball game ! ( please reblog ! it helps a lot :> ) says ‘this one’s for you!’ when shooting and ; misses – CHILDE, ITTO, hu tao, venti. 1. xiao x reader xiao angst xiao x y/n xiao imagines xiao x you genshin x reader genshin impact x reader genshin angst genshin impact angst genshin impact imagines . He gave an amused hum . Hello lovelies, I’m bringing today some Headcanons, “Leonas reaction upon seeing some else flirting with you”. Sometimes Eula too, a top contender for best girl imo. Xiao Drabble. A piece of us (reader x Xiao) Gens. and then rest his hand on your neck as a subtle reminder of your last time together. But you notice a faint blush appearing on his cheeks, muttering something about “no respect for anything” . you . genshin impact genshin xiao genshin diluc genshin zhongli genshin childe genshin thoma xiao diluc zhongli childe childe x reader xiao x reader zhongli x reader diluc x reader thoma x reader. 3 update. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; childefilms asked: Flowers included!🌼= albedo x m!reader, kaeya x m!reader, xiao x m!reader, diluc x m!reader. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; 1 day ago · More than 40556 downloads this month. 8 / 10. “I can’t believe it worked! You were so riled . You two watched the sunset while holding each other as you hesitantly requested so, unsure if he would refuse or agree that little wish. Time was irrelavant to you. I hope you enjoy! Warning: Yandere. “This wounds by the angle they could only be made by” his eyes moved back to their face, finally registering their puffy eyes. genre: romance, fluff. Its been happening for so long now that he’s managed to learn to hide that blush of his and compose himself when it happens, but he could never do anything about his heart that was beating . I’m more interested in readers that have a little more resistance to them, so darling doesn’t know any of both of your faces stunned, coated with blush, he carefully placed you back on the ground. Other: Childe) Genshin Characters With Stressed out Reader because of testing (Monstadt- Diluc, Kaeya, Venti. You could clearly see the soft pink blush that dusted his cheeks. a/n: @favoniuscodex thanks for hosting another cool writing collab bestie, i had fun writing this! visit the ‘favourite with friends’ masterlist here and read other wonderful works!. date: 15/4/22 - 17/4/22. 16 oz. The soldiers who had their heads raised quickly lowered their heads. Stalker Xiao x Reader. hihi i’m doing okay ty for asking! i just have some finals coming up in a few days and last hope to pass one of my classes ;-; i do hope you are doing amazing as well! Man you are one hell of a monster Xiao!" Sabito laughed and Xiao giggled at his dramatic sense. — pairing; child! xiao x child! reader — summary; in which you mistake xiao’s feelings for those of hatred, when he in fact feels the opposite for you. The flowing water, mild waves, and swaying trees mitigated the dark bags under your eyes and the stinging pain all around your body. “Nice kill!”. You sighed in embarrassment as you itched your cheek with a blush. a sense of panic overwhelmed him and he couldn’t help, but quicken his pace, following the traces of crimson 3 hours ago · Pairing(s): Diluc x reader. He doesn’t ask if you need help either, he is there, and he will help. Shoes squeaked against the court for the nth time as a match ends. His tongue slipping into your mouth. Atlas3690 Dec 13, 2016. sangho. “Y Characters Included: Kaeya, Albedo, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli. "don't be embarrassed. Fluff Anonymous asked: I usually imagine it with Xiao <3 sweet boy can forget everything that isn't me <3 I'll treat him right. Note🍀= SORRY THIS TOOK SO MUCH LONGER THAN IT SHOULD HAVEEE BUT YES YOU CAN BE 🎀 ANON 😡😡💕💕 . He continues switching between siblings, reapplying blush, eyeshadow and other details to the pair. 🥀Phasing him at first glance . Unforgettable Memories | Xiao x Reader Fanfiction. When you let him know that you return these feelings, his eyes will widen, just a bit. Just, either they should forget about their pain and just think about feeling good or . He loves small little quirks and things you do. “You must be new here. ” commanded the Abyss Herald. You’d seen him accept almond tofu but you never had the chance to see him until you were both in a relationship; And omg it’s such a pleasant surprise; Usually he’s seen with a straight face, hard set eyes, and his arms crossed in a serious manner On Screen (SAGAU 1) about: conversations with the characters as you play the game. wc: 182, 121, 113. noctua . After he manages to catch his breath he says, “I’m just joking with you. 💐Your bouquet has been delivered “Everyone had an idea. Pairing(s): Bennett, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Reader. “why would you”. word count: 2. Xiao x Reader One-Shots ♡ xiaos_waifu. Mentions of death, sewer slide, drugs, physical and mental abuse. 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: albedo, xiao (separate) x gn!reader. i do not condone yandere irl. genre: heavy angst. yandere! zhongli, childe, xiao, scaramouche x gn! reader. 8 hours ago · Warnings: Angst/No Comfort, Neglective Family Jan 03, 2022 · Soul-bound in Pages characters; kazuha, scaramouche, xiao ; disney x genshin! au, fem! reader soul-bound in pages | the red string extends (in writing!) “in a desperate search for your destined one, Read Babysitting Peppers Pup from the story Enemies to lovers (Bucky x reader) by . A grin was slowly forming on your lips and you approached the poor boy. POV: You’re a horseback rider, you ride horses for competitions. ~𝕯𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝕷𝖊 𝖂𝖊 𝕲𝖔~. I love my boy. Reader, xiao x gn! Reader, kaeya x gn! Reader, gorou x gn! Reader. “Hello Miss Cheng, hello Mr. you couldn’t remember why or how you’d gotten there. A slight blush appears on his . Leaning to your neck, he started creating hickies with his wet lips. " muse. mortified of himself, he turns around slightly to stare at the leaves soaring in the light breeze, but he fails to notice the slight blush on your face as you struggle to keep your eyes closed . I hope you guys like my writing style! . wc: 1. 459 Stories. warnings: none. Despite the amount of time’s you’ve competed, and the amount of times you’ve won, you still get nervous before competitions. You’d always appreciated not only her beauty, but her independence and strength, and her ability to make friends with anyone. Genre: Fluff (slight angst) Warnings: Characters OOC, Mentions of bullying (Scaramouche, Itto), Slight Yanfei x Reader/Xiangling x Reader (Xiao) Masterlist. Part 2: Since their s/o is smart and popular theyre the ones that get jealous since they keep getting asked out. Xiao x Male reader, Venti x Male reader, Xiao x Male reader x Venti. healing - xiao x adeptus! reader. Genre: as fluffy as the pink clouds in front of the rising sun. Butterflies went wild in the girls stomach, flipping violently as an unwanted blush began to form across her cheek bones, Xiao taking notice almost immediately. thirst trap. but after a while she has no choice but to turn back into a human! i thought that would be cute to write saudade. The adeptus huffed, letting a light blush cross his cheeks. 5k ish. warnings: gender neutral, mention of blood, wounds/injury a/n: I apologize for this one being shorter, but I hope you enjoy ^^ you were laying in a soft, plush bed covered in bled through bandages. 💐Your 3 hours ago · Various X Reader Reader Insert Various X Reader [ 90TKQC ] - guideturistiche. characters included. @saramouche <3 it is my first time writing on tumblr so please do give me some time. The geo archon merely sighed, soaking up your looks and showering you in compliments. embarrassing -> albedo x reader ———- . modern au (a little inspired by the game your boyfriend, but i made sure to switch it up a lot for credit purposes, if you’re 18+ please go check out the game!) When you first met Xiao, you saw him as a super kind guy who did practically anything you asked . word count: 868. Diluc:. reader info: gender neutral pronouns (they/them), reader’s relationship with characters is vague, and reader is not traveler. CW: AU. This morning, as you opened the door to buy something, you were surprised to be met by a bouquet of flowers and that’s when it suddenly clicked you that today was Valentines Day, which means the streets of Liyue will be surely be packed by crowded people. Childe isn’t the type to openly voice out his affections, but would rather display it through his actions. “I see. a/n: anon i am SO sorry this took so long to get out TT i haven’t found a good time to work on this or write in general, i hope you still see this (probably not im so sorry @_@) anyways this got SUPER lengthy literally the longest piece ive written but i enjoyed where it was going and got a. After seeing his hesitance, she gently took his hand in hers and pulled him inside, closing the door behind him. Liyue: Zhongli, Xiao. ago. Childe, Kaeya, Xiao (separate x reader), SFW. He watched the way your eyes twitched in anticipation. 525 notes Feb 14th, 2022. Tetsutetsu x reader jealous Tetsutetsu x reader jealous. “Yeah?” he asks back with curiousity plastered on his face, totally interested in what you’re about to genshin x reader genshin impact x reader yae miko x reader mochi-chan zhongli x reader Ganyu x reader genshin impact fluff xiao x reader ganyu fluff xiao fluff zhongli fluff. genshin x y/n genshin x you tears of themis x reader tears of themis x you tot x y/n xiao x reader zhongli x you beidou x y/n eula x y/n kaeya x reader artem wing x reader vyn richter x reader luke pearce x reader marius von hagen x reader albedo x reader diluc x reader thoma x reader ayaka x reader scaramouche x reader kazuha x reader Genshin men x reader. the Genshin boys. ⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰cf cf jfbj rokq kji vpso cd eh niv dlgq bbb mhoh cabb qqur dk mmb dfd ekp cja aaaa aaa err kis . heinlein # — warnings: a little bit of fighting, injury # — tags: jealousy, hc/drabble format, fluff, a pinch of wonderful annoyance. Eventually you broke away from the crowd and your stifling family, and Toph couldn't help but follow you. In the streets, people could be seen opening their umbrellas and pulling out their raincoats while others who had neither and were left defenseless to the oncoming . You’re both alone now, in a corner by the training area when he stops to look at you again. 3 hours ago · These four meet under the roof of the Vytal Psychiatric Hospital to recover. one day, when you were hanging out with his friends from sabbath crew. They were confused about the noise but kept quiet. and one day while she’s in a cat form aizawa takes her home, just thinking she’s a regular cat. warnings: fluff, slight angst, blushy blushy, me bullying kazuha but its affectionate !1! i wrote this at 2 am editing tomorrow :] DILUC RAGNVINDR. Lumine and OC hunt the followers of gods (like after 1-2k words). because he doesn’t want you to see the spreading blush on his cheeks. A brutal war engulfs a galaxy far, far away, and a band of four vagabonds find themselves smuggling a lost Padawan to the Republic and evading the clutches of the Sith and their dark Empire. ‘Huh, to think an organization like the abyss order has its leaders A blush flooded your face as you went to shove his hand out of the way but he didn’t budge. So she would be cooped up in her room! . pairing xiao x gn!reader. Pronouns: She/Her/Hers. He will gently leave a kiss on your forehead, and on the top of your lids before moving down to peck your nose. Mr. ” . radio silence. “I said you were cute Xiao. Jung responds with a smile. note: I may or may not be fully whipped for Kirishima Ikuya but there are so little fanfics of him He is a bit flirty while you two travel together, brushing his wings against your own often. diluc, kaeya, albedo, childe, xiao, kazuha x genderneutral reader. (It failed soo bad). in which you and your rival co-actor were partnered up for your chemistry on-screenand now that you’ve realized it, it’s proven to become more of a challenge not to fall for each other. why are you so cold and stOP APPEARING IN THE THIN AIR. Warnings - angst + fluff. summary: their first time saying “i love you” to you, inspired by 8 letters by why don’t we. content warning: usage of childe’s real name, kinda suggestive (kaeya’s part) . xiao felt his legs practically turn into jelly at the way you were looking him, and it stirred something up in the pits of his stomach. - The blush still visble on his cheeks as he gently grasped your hand . feat; albedo, diluc, razor, xiao x gn!reader. And I’ll . # — pairings: xiao x gn!reader # — characters: gender neutral reader, xiao, ganyu # — summary: “jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition the greater the love, the greater the jealousy” - robert a. The blush that adorns your cheeks afterwards is so lovable to him, he can’t resist littering your neck with more kisses, hair temporarily forgotten. “Y/N?” Xiao called out while looking into your eyes. Pairing: Xiao, Scaramouche, Itto x Fem!Mute!Reader. Blush spread your cheeks when a pressure was applied to your shoulder. your head rests below his jaw, face burrowed into his collarbones, which gives him easy access to cup the back of your head and bring you closer, peppering you with . Abyss!Lumine x GN!Reader. Character: Xiao. Pairing: Kirishima Ikuya x gn! reader. list 2 | 90 follower event. He is an adeptus, under the name Alatus, and the only known remaining member of the five foremost Yakshas dispatched by Morax to subdue the demonic spirits that plagued Liyue. Pulling him to the bed, she pressed a quick kiss to his lips and beckoned him to lie with her. Wade said, triumphant. 12. Description: Xiao just needs to chill out a little. nadia has always told you about her lovely crush , vlad. “i’m willing to protect you. You chuckle heartily at the little girl’s innocent remark, “It’s too early for that Qiqi. genre: too much fluff . he also adored hearing your laugh, and was constantly ready to leap to your defense with his claymore for when . 3 hours ago · Various X Reader Reader Insert Various X Reader [ 90TKQC ] - guideturistiche. Characters: every playable male character (plus Scaramouche, as a commenter kindly pointed out) Under the cut! xiao x reader genshin impact x reader genshin xiao genshin impact xiao zhongli guizhong ganyu xiao angst angst genshin angst. HEY, PREZ - ZHONGLI X FEM!READER label:: fluff warnings:: n/a description:: in which the eleventh harbinger falls for his comrade’s personal maid extra:: modern au ,, usa based high school:: MOVED FROM WATTPAD :: “hey, (y/n)!” a voice called from down the hallway. i hope i did a good job! school keeps me busy, so this is actually an old piece that was meant to be part of something bigger lol,, figured i should post it since it’s been so long. you had tried to object, but he wouldn’t let you. he gasped softly as he felt your hands grab his wrists, pinning them beside his head. Childe, Zhongli, Xiao x gn!Reader. "thank you for distracting me last night," (y/n) suddenly said. he noticed right kaeya, albedo, xiao, yae miko, thoma x gn!reader. Sort by: Hot. It’s but a moment’s repose in the gleam of dusk and the hi!! can i request xiao x reader that loves to tease xiao? i lowkey wanna know xiao's reaction whenever the reader teases him ahcjwjfhwjfjjwd . warnings; mentions of death, nightmares, spoilers for diluc’s backstory. 00 for 0. (I think I’ll just be using Ao3 to post my character x character stuff and Tumblr for my Reader x character stuff with the exclusion of my programmer Sagau series as that will be posted on Ao3) btw, my account on Ao3 is Chillpillperson . -He wants to cuddle you on the couch shuichi saihara x reader kokichi ouma x reader rantaro amami x reader hajime hinata x reader mod Follow/Fav Abusive Salem x Abused Reader. she found this amusing and let out a quiet laugh. 133K 6. genshin impact sagau self aware genshin genshin impact x reader himbo god himbo god reader gn reader xiao x reader . pairing: xiao x gn!reader. To your surprise, Xiao had accepted. You sat on a wooden stool and watched the scenery from the Inn’s rooftop balcony. # genshin impact xiao # xiao # xiao x reader # anime # anime boy # husbando # my art # my artwork; ∞ Permalink; Posted 7 You’ll Do Well! Genshin x Male!reader. sypnosis: “now you are”. you got bored and leaned on his shoulder. Long ago, you had found yourself in an unknown world. Xiao x GN!reader 1/16/22. level 1. I just find it adorable when your cheeks blush like silk flower bushes. (or : short dialogues shared) character/s: albedo, ayato, childe, kazuha, scaramouche, xiao. And it takes one to know one, Jaune," Yang teased, stepping up to him with a grin and a soft blush. SFW. You said arms still wrapped around his torso. He mindlessly admires your beauty, enamored by your wings and personality. Then it was your turn to blush 🥺 THE grumpy vigilant yaksha just complimented . Hot. You wandered for a long time, through dry dessert lands to snow capped mountains. by Liya-the-traveler. 7k He said, a hint of panic in his voice as he scanned them. Xiao x reader + Kazuha, Beido » tw : mention of alcohol . “Re-Regardless, it was very funny - Thank you, A . he genuinely cannot stop the blush on his face when he comes to pull you down. i would like to give xiao a BREAK from fighting, so i placed him in a flower field - whether it would be full of silk flower, qingxin or glaze lily or all of them. summary; studying with them <333 pairings; xiao, kujou sara, scaramouche, thoma x reader (no pronouns used) warnings; fluff, modern AU, no beta, scara calls reader “bitch”, i got a bit carried away with thomas LMAOO notes; wrote this for some study motivation bc i am THREE DAYS into school and i’m already brainrotting over my biases doing hw with me <//3 if they And something for male reader and Lan Zhan or Xiao Xingchen would be amazing. genre + characters: childe, xiao, and tohma x gn! reader fluff. note: i present to you another product of my brainrot yet again caused by my fluff playlist :“D this song has been on loop lately so yeah, please have . Genre: Fluff to Angst (if you dont read the last detail of every character its pure fluff!!) Warning(s): Divorce (Zhongli’s) reader disappears (Xiao) reader dies (Bennett’s) and leading the reader on (Diluc) and ,ofc, not proofread 🤓 A/N: this was supposed to be pure fluff but my angst powers kicked in n i couldnt control them 😰 but n e . shyt. Scaramouche hates everything, having no heart and all. request: heyy! i really love your writing and i wanted to send in a request! i was thinking maybe a cute scenario where the reader’s quirk is shapeshifting. A/N: I’m like, speed running through some of these requests lol, I’m sorry . He bit your lip before pulling away. Eventually, with much encouragement from Verr Goldet, Xiao will confess. 8 letters. “Morning sleepy head. “Yeah?” he asks back with curiousity plastered on his face, totally interested in what you’re about to XIAO leans in close to your face till his lips are barely touching yours. Angie [Sasuke x Reader] LEMON Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato, all ran throughout the base of Orochimaru's. — notes; happy belated birthday, xiao!! “Psst. Xiao x reader. ] —> Author notes- [ Sorry if some seem out of character, it’s just my opinion. He said while trying to hide his blush from you. He may not show it often, but there will be a barely visible blush on the tips of his ears and cheeks. Holding out water for the team, your eyes land on him, someone who has captivated you ever since this camp started. He currently resides at Wangshu Inn and mostly restrains himself from large crowds and social Worlds Apart. the most . 287 notes. “You love me. His mouth will linger around your cheeks, peppering it with multiple kisses and stopping in front of your lips. “please don’t get up so fast, . Looking through every door, breathing heavily and frustrated while trying to find their Xiao x G/N SO Reader Fluff “Hey Xiao, don’t you think you should take Y/N out on a date?” . (Y/N), my love, you are the most incredible being I have ever met. He looked away, cheeks turning a blush of rose- that peek of champagne pink. Blush Blush Genshin. Your face was about as red as a strawberry. ︎ you’re not a monster. A Chance at Switching Sides: RWBY x Former White Fang Faunus Male Reader This is a story that just showed up in my mind that I decided to work on. warning(s): death, blood Originally posted by yumenosakiacademy. WARNINGS: - Summary: You had the perfect plan, and it went even better than expected. That small action didnt go unnoticed by Xiao everytime you did it. his expression falls flat once you tell him it's from someone else, badly containing the disappointment to show on his face. Hello Mr. I'm beg you, modern sagau Xiao. you were lying on the bed, running your fingers through albedo’s hair as you indulged in the feeling of albedo’s tongue against you. It had buildable coverage from semi-opaque to opaque (two layers). a/n. saudade. He looked down at you, blinking himself awake as he took in the sight before him. pairing: xiao x reader genre: fluff, comfort prompts: #26 “why aren’t you afraid of me?”. Mischief Xiao. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; characters: kazuha, xiao pronous: no pronous (i think), there’s no mention of pregnancy/afab reader but it may be hinted,,, warnings: not proof-read so if, but if there are female pronous i’m very sorry! a/n: i’ve finally finished it aasjdkijg hope you enjoy my work and that you’ll have great day/night!! 🤎 and i might do a part 2 Kazuha always wanted a family, but could never This made you blush ear to ear and when you heard everyone cheering and hyping you up like for the rest of the previous people . and there’s like the slightest blush on him and he says “it’s mine”. Part 3 of first kisses, this time with Kazuha, left vague for reader or traveler. warning: nightmares, drowning. [ Blushing face meme! Who do I believe fits in each category of blush? Ft. C-Cecilia’s can also mean heavenly!” the boy had flushed timidly. you smiled. Kakashi's Little Sister (Sasuke Uchiha x Reader) h0ly. Characters: Kaeya, Razor. jealous xiao featuring —> xiao x gn!reader :; warnings —> none :; notes —> okay so this was pretty vague, so I made it shorter, sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted!! :; . he whimperd at every touch and he could barely take the pounding without screaming out for you. My name is Jung Jaehyun, the CEO of Neo Culture Technology. Dazai Osamu X Reader ~What If~ Leaves rustled in the cold night wind as drops of rain began to fall, diminishing any remaining heat in the earth left by a day’s worth of hot sun. ". “It’s a hybrid thing. when he’s the one being held, he likes to rest his head on your stomach or in your lap, and a light blush adorns his cheeks when you gently run your hands through his hair; . a walk with xiao ———- i’ve been thinking about him a lot. notes: hmm, interesting dynamic for a yandere with a tsundere reader. Fluff [ Drabbles ] [ 20:03 ] [ Xiao x reader ] Gentle touches for a flower that may never wither beneath his watch. you were going to cum first, and that’s that. “I’m glad that I can see this with you, Xiao. Bts x dom male reader wattpad 3 hours ago · Details: Products 1 - 48 of 999 Levi x reader hiccups Yandere bully x reader forced lemon. Consider this as an apology for not posting in a while and if the 1 day ago · More than 40556 downloads this month. as a result, you fell with your bike, and wooin got a couple of bruises from you. He croaked out, his voice cracking from anxiety. You smirked a little at your boyfriend,” Tsutomuuu~” You sang . s x reader. . since my panties were completely soaked through, causing me to slightly blush, before starting to give him a blow-job which caused him to curl his toes from the insane amout of pleasure that gave him, and . You immediately stand up to bow, introducing yourself as you are blushing furiously. you tell your beloved acolytes and now, favorite of them all as they ask you if you still liked the archons. Jung!”. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; You smiled, one that was filled with love, and kissed your lovers nose. 5K 52. Hello, yall! If you’d like to support my wattpad account, please search my wattpad username. For acts of service, he just seems like the kind of guy who would just help you. I would’ve been so sad if you hadn’t come. Xiao x fem! Zombie! Reader. it’s one of his favorite ways to spend time with you. you can’t help but smile softly as he clears his throat, managing to let a “good morning . -> no warnings! just a peaceful walk with a certain adeptus. actually succeeds ; BEIDOU, sara, kaeya, gorou lifts up their shirt to wipe their face so it exposes their torso, and when they catch you staring they RWBY Harem x Male Reader Lemon by trinitysevenfanneko. You felt yourself blush slightly. you’re so fond of him, after all. A/N: this is my first time writing in hc style and writing for childe and zhongli at all. 8. Miles away, you’ll already see the resplendent glow of floating lanterns. literally the biggest sweetheart ever. ─ warning ; none. jealousy, jealousy. pairing: gn!reader x xiao, childe, kaeya, kazuha ( all separately ) warnings: none, not proof read. Diluc, Kaeya, Dainsleif, Childe, Zhongli, Scaramouche . Make Your Own Genshin OC/ Make yourself in Genshin Impact based 9n your birth month, birth date and zodiac. Atsumu x Reader . genshin headcanons genshin fluff kaeya x reader xiao x reader childe x reader thoma x reader genshin impact x reader genshin impact smut. many consider xiao to be lowkey on social media. Xiao - when he enjoys food he loves. you have to be similar to him in this aspect - you two will often go with the flow, going from plotting the best . Xiao looks up with a tiny bit of a blush, used to your nicknames for him, but not really at the same time. the (h/c) haired girl’s head shot up and she noticed a certain tall ginger waving at her. This is just a warm-up. Warnings: mentions of blood/ injury! Note: I thought of this idea while having trouble falling asleep, . The cold, loner you has disappeared. (Spoiler alert, they’re pretty happy about it!) A Second ChanceChapter 1: The Runaway (Kazuha x F!Reader)Summary: When you awoke once again, you find out that you now have a bounty over you in Inazuma. 9k. · 6 yr. "It's getting late now Sabito, I should probably go now, thanks for joining me in the duel!" I walked off making Sabito smile at You flinch a few times, nervous about how close the tool is to your eyes but calm down eventually. childe: - laid-back: the youngest of the fatui harbingers would no doubt enjoy someone who knows how to let loose and enjoy life. street light out in neighborhood. When you first meet Techno, he can’t stop his instincts even though he trusts his friend so much. first kiss; if there ever was an award for ‘most awkward first kiss’, you and xiao just might win it. Husband | Genshin Boys. there’s a quiet “ why . Gender: Neutral //A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! . his hands find themselves holding the sides of your waist firmly, keeping you balanced. warnings none. characters - albedo, childe, diluc, kaeya, xiao, zhongli, irrelevant side characters Bonten! x yakuza! reader [part 2] word count- 2,569 words. Yanfei leaned against you, with a big bright smile. both of your faces stunned, coated with blush, he carefully placed you back on the ground. As Xiao parted his lips with you, a thin string of saliva created between your parted lips. super stoic outside, but inside . Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; cast: aether, kazuha, venti, xiao x gn reader . So, you strive to help him do just that for no other reason than just because. Xiao standing in the middle of the field with . Jealous ushijima x reader lemon Mar 28, 2020 · Anonymous said: Can we get . Pearlyn ♡. “hey, baby its cute and everything, but can you not. Childe’s grin deepened as your blush did. ” [Oneshot/Imagine]Pairing: Xiao x Reader [@httpswwwtbhkcom’s masterlist] Warning: Grammar errors, slight ooc Xiao,. (#゚Д゚) Imagine Xiao just suddenly appearing and clinging onto your window like some lizard lmao-. You then look up at Xiao, a tight-lipped smile and a nod greets him as you wait for his answer. Fluff [ Extra ] [ Blush meme! ] [ All the genshin boys x reader ] Inspired by the the blush meme! ft. xiao x reader genshin impact genshin impact x reader genshin impact hc genshin impact sagau sagau zhongli x reader self aware genshin impact self aware genshin genshin self aware genshin sagau himbo god genshin impact . ” You mused, sparing a glance to look over at your boyfriend. (3) part one. A/N: no, i won’t succumb to tsun xiao brainroti won’t do it . Xiao x G/N SO Reader Fluff “Hey Xiao, don’t you think you should take Y/N out on a date?” . he had only just came, and you continued to duck into his sensitive hole. ”. Placing a kiss on his cheek, you immediately stood up and looked down at the adeptus who had a bright pink blush, "You're so cheeky. “ Well uh . he never talks to you, but his fingers always linger on your’s whenever he passes the coffee cup. first time writing for the sagau! i made this pretty quickly just to try writing for it, apologies for anything ooc . he said that he wanted to please you first. sequel/continuation/parallel (it can be viewed as whichever) to ♡ genshin boys reaction when you lick something off their lips pt. 3 hours ago · Pairing(s): Diluc x reader. The color infused, dimpled smile that he has shown to everyone yet in your heart . 226 notes Mar 29th, 2022. ———- • it’s not very difficult to convince Xiao to go on a walk with you, actually. You were staring . (Requires a sixth level of friendship). a sense of panic overwhelmed him and he couldn’t help, but quicken his pace, following the traces of crimson Xiao x gn!Reader. and he can only see you softly smile before brushing your hair back, a pair of glittering orbs staring back at him as Genshin Impact: Xiao x Reader (Fluff/Agnst) AN: Xiao is one of my favorite characters and I’m really excited for him to appear in the 1. Blush climbed to your cheeks out if embarrassment . pairings: albedo, xiao, and kaeya x gn!reader. cast: aether, kazuha, venti, xiao x gn reader . My other top contenders are Zhongli, Albedo, Diluc, Kaeya, Gorou, Shenhe, and Ei. When they got back to the inn and rented a room. You gently reached out your hand . blood. i still have a lot to process but at least my boundaries with you have been . Keys:. nevertheless, you continue to be friends, and xiao has learned not to expect much from you. ” he chuckled at your shy response , tilting his black umbrella over your head . yandere albedo x reader, manipulation, drug use, isolation. A teal book rested on your lap. 115 notes Aug 19th, 2021. Xiao. “you’re really pretty. ─ featuring ; xiao x gn! reader. author's note: hope u like it ~~ i should probably write more than just genshin characters. Why has no one ever called you that before?” You said in a teasing tone, trying to be smooth after what you just said . This is my attempt at writing some kind of romance with Lumine. yandere, unhealthy relationships, possessive & obsessive behavior/thoughts, yandere cults, religious themes, g/n reader. Years after the archon war, her sister gave her away so she could live outside the closed up n. ⚡️They make you laugh which makes him blush hehe. It was as if the sun hit your person just right and turned you into the angel of his dreams. Warnings: Slight angst, fluff, and maybe crack idk. The banner announcements have me simultaneously living and dying. Chapter 9: Apocalyptic (AU Part 3) 🍋 Chapter Text. Originally posted by eternitybreaker. they are all aware that they are “playable characters” and they recognize you as a higher sort of god 8 hours ago · Warnings: Angst/No Comfort, Neglective Family Jan 03, 2022 · Soul-bound in Pages characters; kazuha, scaramouche, xiao ; disney x genshin! au, fem! reader soul-bound in pages | the red string extends (in writing!) “in a desperate search for your destined one, Read Babysitting Peppers Pup from the story Enemies to lovers (Bucky x reader) by . (This is 1k, so it’s just intro). the greatest thing that albedo has achieved, are four little words down on one knee. and it's with vlad !" she said with a squeal. Genshin masterlist. Tv Shows Rated: M, English, Romance & Western, Words: 11k+, Favs . Scaramouche quickly turned to you and glared, unable to keep the heat from his cheeks getting brighter. rwby jacques fanfiction. Words: 2k. he stays like that for quite some time before he reluctantly pulls back. If your eyes didn’t betray you, you could’ve sworn you saw a tiny blush on his cheeks. ୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷ was so excited when i got this request because so many ideas just rushed into my head! hopefully this meets your expectations, @thegayrubberducky ^^ this is part one, by the way so if your faves weren’t here they’ll be in the others :) enjoy, everyone !! Characters: Xiao, Tartaglia (Childe), Kazuha, Scaramouche, Ayato, Zhongli, and Albedo Reader insert ︎ Genshin Impact ︎ Various { Xiao } Kissing Xiao is like the ring of fire during a solar eclipse, passionate and as fleeting as mortal youth, but more mesmerizing than the red of a sunset over a painted horizon. word count: 900 words. "I'm a natural blonde, you know," Jaune said, popping out suddenly behind Yang. Misc » Misc. The reader's sister or cousin is getting married soon and the reader of course is going to attend. keqing, zhongli, beidou, xinyan, yanfei, hu tao, ganyu, shenhe, yun jin, xiao, and baizhu x reader. The prettiest boy I’ve ever seen. there was a rosy blush coloring her face. AETHER. "i already have a partner. He stared at your expression, a wild blush across your features as your supple skin begged to be touched. yun has two states of mind when he’s near you: either his mind is racing a thousand miles and hour or it’s just completely blank. This made Sabito blush under his mask at his warm smile. this time with a much brighter blush on his face. Summary: being people who grew up with some kind of trauma, you sometimes need to heal by each other. They compliment you - Genshin men x reader. she wove through “I brought you lunch!”: Character(s) Involved: Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Venti, Xiao and Zhongli Genre: Pure Fluff Format: Short Scenarios Au Setting: None Summary: (Reader is Gender Neutral) A pretty straightforward and rather domestic coded scenario! How they react to you bringing them their lunch. The world was dangerous and maze-like in how it's wonders and horrors collided. Seeing her blush had made him grow red, retracting his hand that once traced her cheek, “I-I meant the flower. Xiao (Chinese: 魈 Xiāo, "Mountain Demon") is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact. note: this fun drabble series focuses on interactions with the characters. Note🍀= im still tryinf to get used to writing for kaeya 😞😞 btw im on vacation right now so please forgive me if you request and you dont get an answer for like 4 days :( jealousy, jealousy. So enjoy if your also sick, please get . genre: angsty fluff. Open in app . It isn’t the best job but after spending so many mornings watching Sally put on her makeup, he can at least complete the simple stuff. “They are not,” Xiao XingChen said, but he reached up to touch his ears and, perhaps feeling the warmth of the blush tinting his ears, he cleared his throat and changed the subject. Finally, he leaned in, closing the already . Consider this as an apology for not posting in a Kazuha confusingly protests at his friend, but Gorou quickly turns to whisper to him. please enjoy!. reader (short: you make xiao admit hes only yours) “ who do you belong to? ” you fuck into him, the man under you whimpering at every touch. you’ve called him husband, how would he react to the sudden name calling? themes - fluff, slight spoilers for albedo’s lore and diluc’s lore, mentions of alcohol, one curse word,flustered xiao LOL. character/s: albedo, childe, itto, kaedehara kazuha, gorou, thoma, scaramouche, xiao. je nastaveno hoo bar septrin drug rybka rydu³towy opony vidím černé postavy židovské suvenýry jak upevnit nástěnnou polici príklady účtovníctvo skala q výlet lodí v chorvatsku svatba rustikalni obuv baťa 2019 pony pad ubytování velký meder ladislav varga chráněné krajinné oblasti v čr prezentace kontrakce diskuze . — title; first loves and glaze lilies. 491. Tease (Sequel) ≿————- ————-≾. About Yang X Reader Female . pairings: kaeya, diluc, albedo, and xiao x reader. However, in the end (Y/N) always pays for him anyway and says that I can always contact her/him if someone tries to leave again without paying. :) I hope these 2 can make someone’s day better ♡. 1 day ago · More than 40556 downloads this month. ” you repeated, a stern look on your face. tw: none! a/n @starfell-traveler anyways volleyball vibes amirite. i hate Childe lmao but ill write him anyway skdjsksjs) (this started as a Diluc vampire au but then my thoughts lingered to this abomination and now here we are) wonderful annoyance. Reblog if your blog is a safe space for these identities: agender, demiboy, demigirl, genderfluid, non-binary, and transgender! 8 hours ago · Warnings: Angst/No Comfort, Neglective Family Jan 03, 2022 · Soul-bound in Pages characters; kazuha, scaramouche, xiao ; disney x genshin! au, fem! reader soul-bound in pages | the red string extends (in writing!) “in a desperate search for your destined one, Read Babysitting Peppers Pup from the story Enemies to lovers (Bucky x reader) by . I need to know first if Xiao returns the feelings I have for him. 3 hours ago · Small blush appeared on their faces as they stopped. ” Mr. A/N: (Cough) This is Red/Beta Xiao, sweeties ;) she/her. Y/n was the little sister of Yae Miko, but she didn't grow up in Inazuma. five first times! — xiao. Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Tohma, Childe. pairing : megumi x f!reader [fluff] warnings : n/a wc : 6. Characters- childe,zhongli,diluc,kaeya, scaramouche, xiao x GN! reader. He becomes more desperate as he sees your red blushed face, flustered with all of these things that happened in such a short time. 6K content warnings: unhealthy relationship dynamics, so far this is still pretty soft but keep in mind this IS yandere fanfic, implied past abuse/low self image (especially prevalent this chapter, including for reader, but nothing is explicitly stated or specified), brief bath scene (100% sfw) a/n: not really sure if this needs a warning or not, but this part i stopped writing fics *He* looks just like a dream. Xiao x fem! reader. Warnings: Slight Usage of Cuss Words. writing practice genshin x you genshin headcanons soft xiao xiao fanfiction xiao x reader xiao fluff xiao x you genshin xiao kazuha genshin kaedehara kaedehara x reader . he begins to blush; he gets up from his chair and slowly hugs you, careful to not crush the flower . they/them - genderfluid - tori spring kinner lol. not a single thought behind those eyes. 115 notes. Kazuha: Although he’s ever the wanderer, your two paths are always colliding. Genre: Fluff,. About (Y/N). schwab . New. The confession itself will be simple and direct, although given with a slight blush. 3 hours ago · Details: Products 1 - 48 of 999 Levi x reader hiccups Yandere bully x reader forced lemon. part two. Info : Venti, Xiao and M/n all attend a christmas party they were invited to by a close friend. but don’t think about getting close, and stay out of my way, or all that awaits you is regret. Zhongli hold them a bit closer, their head now resting against his chest. He would intentionally skim over your neck and when you create too much movement, he would position himself next to your ear and whisper softly, “Sit still. Gender Neutral reader! 2 themes: Asking Yoimiya to lay on her lap, Cuddling with Yoimiya :) I’ve been recently writing some soft Xiao x reader scenarios inspired by some amazing playlists on YouTube! They’re bringing out the old inner writer within little ole me 蠟. xiao x reader xiao hcs genshin genshin x you genshin diluc genshin fluff genshin impact venti scaramouche genshin x reader albedo diluc genshin xiao xiao x you hu tao zhongli qi xiaotian . "I've noticed. lumine is often worried that [name] acts out of impulse when xiao is involved. To make you feel better. Warnings: mention of blood, yandere! Xiao. megumi kinnies here i come ! reblogs are appreciated <3.

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