G10 scales vs micarta. G10 vs Micarta Scales. G10 is more uniform and slightly more durable and resistive to chemicals. G10 Textured Surface. By popular demand our CNC machined handle scales for the ESEE Izula are now available in Micarta. About Me; Contact Me; Brand. The first, Raffir Fiber, is a composite material of neutral plant fibers cast in resin. 95 : G10S012 PAKKAWOOD Scales - 4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4 . 16. 0"x 0. Top. $45. Few materials ooze the class of carbon fiber. The difference in toughness is seen in other applications, such as non-metallic bladed weapons where G10 can maintain a very thin point during significant impact testing. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Buck Vantage Pro >>See more knives with G-10 handles<< In practical terms, I find Micarta, G-10 and Carbon Fiber to be very similar in terms of their qualities as a knife handle material. I find the texture of Micarta superior to G10 as the G10 has a tendency to wear smooth in the pocket. Filter. 13) by suingab. 4 out of 5 stars 92. Both are resin-saturated substrates -- Micarta, originally developed as an insulator for electrical parts, uses cloth or paper as its substrate, while G-10 uses fiberglass. Not really a big deal though. The Knife Connection has released a series of custom G10 knife scales for various blades, including most of the models in the ESEE lineup. G10 handle advantages Harder than Micarta. G10 Scales- Layered Multicolor. Location: Lakeland, FL. It is light weight. 2 level 1 ArgoAKGuy · 9 mo. Micarta: commonly linen; any cloth really. Carbon Fiber knife handles are: premium, smooth, and lightweight. G-10 specifically is made with resin soaked fiberglass cloth that have been layered, pressed, and heated together similar to Micarta, but it’s working off a raw material that comes much cheaper in bulk. When we started making scales back in 2015 we were drawn to micarta, as many are, for it’s look, and happily used it alongside G10, & wood. 800 199 53. G-10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, and is part of the materials so-called composite. Brighter and does not take patina after a long time. This type of micarta is not worth spending extra for in my opinion. “The second, Raffir Metapol, has aluminum fillers shining through a deep resin matrix. Evolbeaver Feb 5, 2016. OD Green micarta. G10 can potentially suffer from heavy impacts but micarta is more susceptible to common dents and dings. G10 is available in a wider range of colors. Rather than incorporating various fabrics like Micarta, G10 is constructed of glass fiber sheets which give the finished product increased strength. Micarta has less water resistance than G10, as well, but the difference is minimal. Micarta is a tiny bit lighter, if that matters to you. The coarseness and weave of the fabric again show up, with the "edges" of canvas appearing thicker and somewhat less refined than those produced by linen or fiberglass. 3k . SureTouch™ is a revolutionary new patent-pending process that combines G-10 . G10 is a composite material made of glass fiber and epoxy. ESEE 3 Extended; ESEE 3/4 Compact; . Both are excellent choices for knife handle materials, but in lab tests G10 is a bit stronger. Nothing you do with a knife handle will break either material. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 custom scales (v. But G10 is a better option if you want something that's going to Carbon fiber is probably most similar to G10, in that the materials are always epoxy and carbon fiber blanket, although weaves can change. Examples of G-10 handles. 3") 4. The great thing about G-10 is that it’s really easy to customize. Both materials are: Aesthetically they have many variations of color and texture They last over time, They are water resistant They are convenient to use, The difference between the three are generally determined by the material that makes up the reinforcing cloth layers. Develops patina over time which can be a great thing to some knife users. none The main difference between what these two materials really are is that G-10 is made out of fiberglass and micarta is usually made with linen, but is often made with canvas, and sometimes even papers or burlaps. Carbon fiber is probably most similar to G10, in that the materials are always epoxy and carbon fiber blanket, although weaves can change. posted April 26, 2022. Warmer to the touch in cold conditions. If the micarta is toxified, you will have more or less a grip near the G10. Because of this, micarta can have very unique looks compared to G-10, where it is always made out of the same material. Offers more brighter colors. 5. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 19. Carbon Fiber Handle Scales. 95 : G10S08 Gray/Green/Black G10 Scales - 4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" (G10S08) $9. G10 will propably be gripper if the micarta is polished and not toxified. It's also heavier, doesn't absorb fluids, and tends to resist wear better. G10 Handle Scales. G-10 (below), because it uses fiberglass, achieves a nicely polished-looking result. The process involves pressing the glass fiber sheets together with epoxy resin and heating until completely dry to create . FRN vs Micarta. COYOTE BROWN G10 Scales - 4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" (G10S011) $9. G10 is similar, but uses layers of fiberglass and is also baked. Micarta is layers of canvas (etc) with epoxy used to coat each layer, and then pressed to compact it. BTW, if you like earthy and warm, consider wood. 16 $ 45. 8 out of 5 . Popular in a multitude of industries from aerospace and automotive to technology and luxury goods, carbon fiber . Both Micarta and G-10 are available in a variety of colors, are completely stable and don't expand or contract. It's pretty flat and slick. About the only good thing about G10 for handles is it’s slightly more resistant to absorbing stuff and staining. Micarta dents and chips a little easier than G10, but gets to a high polish and feels a After the grip is in fonction of the treatment you will have. Micarta handle advantages Offers better grip in wet conditions. It provides brilliant colors, extreme durability, and an excellent anti-slip rubber property. Micarta is lighter than G10 which can be of benefit for hikers or other applications where every . G10 won't absorb oil and sweat like Micarta but the Micarta can be brought back to new with a little rubbing alcohol. It won't take texturing the same way that micarta and G10 will, but it will take a very nice smooth finish. 95 : G10S03 Olive Drab Green G10 Scales - 4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" (G10S03) $9. The basic difference between G10 and Micarta is one is made from epoxy resin and the other from phenolic resin. Save the wooden scales for your smaller knives. The pros and cons: Black version looks discreet and draws less attention. 0 out of 5 stars 9. ZT 0350 custom G10 scales (v. 90 $ 14. Becker BK 15/16/17/18; Becker BK14/24 Extended; Becker BK14/24; Becker BK2, BK9 Style Etc. As the G10 is use on high quality knives and micarta generaly on medium range. 3k Woven . G10 Scales - Layered Multicolors. G10 Scales. FREE Shipping by Amazon . Feb 5, 2016 #3. As they look pretty similar it is not very easy for a common man to differentiate between G10 and Micarta. It's much stronger than either G10 or micarta and it's very light. Micarta. By continuing browsing this website, we assume you agree our use of cookies. If you're willing to mod them, you can sand the scales down to get decent grip and dye them different colors. The Differences Between Micarta And G-10 Handle Scales. While you can use several materials and colored resin with a specific mold to create your Micarta handle scales via a DIY video, it is far more complex to make a G-10 handle scale at home. On the Rockwell hardness scale, Micarta has an HRC rating of 105 while G-10 is slightly higher at 110. Carbon Fiber. We use cookies to improve your online experience. ). Carbon Fiber: strands of carbon woven into a cloth. This is only a quick but descriptive summary of the differences between miccarta handles vs g10 handles Joined: Oct 3, 2000. Get it as soon . G10, also known as G-10 or Garolite, is a resin-based composite material. category Custom scales, Micarta, Milled graphic, Zero Tolerance, ZT0630 ZT0620. These multicolored scales are made with alternating color layers to create a unique look once contoured. Pictures In This Set. ago G-10 and Micarta are both resin-based composites that make for excellent knife handles. Kizer with Micarta Scales . Micarta is made from resin and burlap, while G-10 is primarily fiberglass. Both micarta and G10 are plenty durable. In terms of hardness, micarta just isn’t far behind G10 in accordance with the Rockwell Hardness M scale information. G10 is a very tough, durable material that is great for knife handle scales, pistol grips and more. The form and function of these custom scales are far superior to The G10 factory micarta scales from ESEE. My dilemma: I can only chose one. Micarta Liner. G-10 comes in a multitude of colors and combinations to suit any knife handle preferences. There are also differences in the ingredients between both substances which can provide subtle differences when formed into knife handles and scales. Micarta can vary widely and can have a more earthy, warm look. Apart from the different resins used, G10 is produced from fiberglass and Micarta from linen. Tan G10. Custom Made Scales for Production Knives Since 2012. Phenolic Micarta Scales. Micarta handles use canvas, linen, or paper as the binding material, whereas G10 uses sheets of fiberglass for the binding material. Raffir Noble is a composite material with fine brass and bronze-mesh layers encapsulated in a translucent epoxy resin. G10 Glass Reinforced Epoxy Rods, Sheets, Tubes (Micarta) (High Pressure Laminates) G10 Glass Reinforced Epoxy - natural (yellowish to light green) Technical Data Chemical Resistance Chart The most versatile all-around laminate and composite, this grade is a continuous glass woven fabric base impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. Micarta is made using two-component resin and canvas, while G-10 is mainly resin and fiberglass. 16 products. CNC machined out of high quality US made Black FR4 (commonly known as G10 ), our scales . Phenolic Micarta Slabs. Canvas Micarta Slabs. Hi, both will serve you just fine with no issues over durability or longevity, if you want your knife to look extra cool get yourself some tiger stripe G10 and texture the crap out of it, but if looks aren't a concern some canvas/burlap micarta finished to an 80 grit will serve you far better as far as tactility and wet performance are concerned. But count on the FRN material to offer a better custom knife scale job than G-10 scales due to the material’s flexibility and cheap availability. If you want to go the extra mile, then Micarta handles may be your go-to option. With the BK2, it begs to have dumb things done to it, and sooner or later you WILL do something dumb with it. category Custom scales, G10, Milled graphic, Zero Tolerance, ZT0350. Best to have some good, tough scales on it. I prefer the feel and look of micarta though. When it comes to hardness, micarta is not far behind G10 according to the Rockwell Hardness M scale data. Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products. 2. G-10: Fiberglass - strands of glass woven into a cloth. G10 Slabs. This is the ideal solution for grips for handles on various applications including guns and knives. 7 out of 5 stars 344 . $14. It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass fabric , soaked in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy resin polymerizes. . G10 has a more modern, techno, sterile look-n-feel. When a knifemaker shapes a Micarta or G-10 handle, the substrate's layers also become evident. AOHOCA 2 pcs G10 Micarta Knife Handle Scales Slabs Knives Custom DIY Tool Material for Knife Making Blanks Blades. 51) Whole Earth Supply G-10 G10 Black Blue Quality Handle Scales Knives Guns Grips Knife 5in Making Set Pair. Select Grade - Honey Streaked Buffalo Horn Scales (One of a kind!) SGWB71 $29. Material G-10. Both G-10 and Micarta are excellent knife handle materials, but they each have their own unique set of characteristics and qualities. G-10, sometimes called Garolite, is similar to Micarta, except that fiberglass is used as the substrate (instead of canvas, linen, etc. Generally, G-10 is slightly lighter. Not only are the grip characteristics much improved with these scales, but they offer a much . TeroTuf™ vs “micarta” December 10, 2019 We get a lot of questions regarding our preferred material, so here are some words on the subject. 95 G10 MLOK RailScales® - Our signature product and namesake, RailScales® are the industry leading solution to adding superior grip and heat protection on your MLOK handguard. Micarta can vary depending on manufacturer and the fabric and epoxy used. The two are strong enough to make good scale. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . . Easy to polish. Micarta and G-10 are similar. Fixed Blade Full Tang with Grippy Micarta Scales, Kydex Sheath, Bushcraft, Hunting, Survival, Camping, Hard Use Tool. The grivory handles were fine, and micarta would be fine, but you may damage your beautiful wood scales if you find yourself in that situation. But, how does it match up against the standard . Canvas Micarta Scales. Both materials are extraordinarily tough, resist absorbing moisture and are available in various colors and finishes (smooth, matte and rough). We established the machined scale concept, and remain at its technology forefront. The last two categories, Raffir Fossil and Raffir . I’m not capitalizing it here because “micarta” is now . G10 is an ultra-resiliant poxy-rosin based material that will withstand hard use scenarios with ease. 4. syntaxerrorsix, Sep 29, 2010. The black coated version has micarta scales, which I like on the Tenacious, but the ESEE's appears to be less smooth/have a rougher finish. Zero Tolerance; Spyderco; Hinderer; Emerson; Kershaw; Ontario The newest UltreX composite is the perfect modified G-10 handle material. 95 : G10S06 Orange-Black G10 Scales - 4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" (G10S06) [ONLY 2 IN STOCK] $9. Many can argue the individual characteristics but at the end of the day they are all super strong and . It has extremely high mechanical strength, G10 Scales - Layered Multicolors. Green version screams for attention but will stand out more when dropped in bushy terrain. It is produced in flat slabs, a few millimeters thick but also . G10 is grippier than micarta when dry. Aibote G10 Glass Fiber Knife Handle Material,Set of 2 G-10 Slabs Scales Knives Custom DIY Tools for Knife Making Blank Blades(Black Green) (6. 90. Both substances should also be similar in weight, even though G-10 is only slightly heavier than Micarta. G10 is tougher than micarta, but it’s not going to be an issue either way. Both materials are durable, water-resistant, and comfortable to use, but G-10 costs less and is less susceptible to environmental factors. This is only a quick but descriptive summary of the differences between miccarta handles vs g10 handles The difference between the three are generally determined by the material that makes up the reinforcing cloth layers. Spyderco with FRN Scales. Micarta has much less water resistance than G10, as effectively, however the distinction is minimal. 3"x 2. G10 can probably endure from heavy impacts however micarta is extra vulnerable to frequent dents and dings. metlman JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member.

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